Public Speaker Training


Is delivering training, keynote speeches or presentations an important element of your job or business? 

make an impact


Do you want to make a greater impact by reaching more people with your knowledge and expertise? 

Thinking about becoming a better speaker


Ever find yourself watching your favorite speakers trying to dissect how they do it so masterfully? 

Confident Speaker

Would you like to boost your confidence when it comes to KNOWING you have the ability to consistently deliver for your audience, instead of wondering if you were effective? 

If this is you, I invite you to apply for the
The Speakers Intensive in Mesa, Arizona.

In this intimate, two-day, live training experience, you will learn:

  • A systematic approach to delivering a great speech every time.
  • How to organize your speech for maximum impact using the Platform for Purpose Speech Crafting Framework.
  • Techniques for platform movement and vocal variety that keep listeners hanging on to your every word.
  • The “ticks” that undermine the credibility of your message and how to work around them.
  • Strategies to overcome nerves and jitters so can focus fully on your audience.
  • Tips to bounce back when something goes wrong.


December 2-3, 2023

February 17-18, 2024

Who should attend?

  • Authors, consultants, subject-matter experts and thought leaders who want to use speaking and training to grow their businesses.
  • Retired leaders who want to transfer their knowledge and wisdom to the next generation.  
  • Nonprofit leaders who need to be more visible to reach new donors, volunteers and participants. 


Who should NOT attend?

This course IS NOT for people looking to overcome a strong fear of public speaking. I highly recommend Toastmasters International if that is your training goal. It is also not for purely motivational speakers or those who simply want to share their story. If that’s you, contact me for program recommendations. 

What can I expect?

This is a VERY intimate training session. Each participant will arrive with individual goals and at different stages of development. I will meet you where you are and take you to your next level. To provide such high-quality, individualized instruction, the intensive is limited to six participants.


Your pre-session homework is to develop or repurpose a 10-minute presentation using the Platform for Purpose Speech Crafting Framework.  You will receive training on the Framework via on-demand video webinar, along with the Framework Guide, which can be used every time you develop a presentation. 


Our first day together will be a mix of interactive, multimedia instruction, speech delivery and coaching.  Each participant will receive a video of their speech so you can track your progress.


This day is all about your content. We’ll dive into one of your existing presentations, or help you to develop new content based on the Platform for Purpose Speech Crafting Framework. You will walk away with specific actions to focus your presentation on the needs of your audience, while making it more memorable and effective. 

You will also learn to handle difficult situations such as tech issues, audience distractions, schedule changes and more like a pro. 


You’ll receive a 90-minute private coaching session with Isha to review the updates you made to your keynote/training from the Emerging Speakers Intensive. 

How do I apply?

Complete this short questionnaire to help us understand your goals and current skill level and schedule a private call with Isha Cogborn to learn all of the details for upcoming trainings. 


December 2-3, 2023

February 17-18, 2024

Meet Your Trainer

Isha Cogborn Speaker TrainingIsha Cogborn is a transformational communicator gifted to connect with the heads and hearts of everyone from corporate leaders to college students. She’s the founder and CEO of Epiphany Institute, a professional development company with clients that include Fortune 500 companies, professional organizations and nonprofits. Isha is a crowd favorite at conferences, commencements and community events, frequently recruited to emcee due to her warm personality, high energy and ability connect the dots between speakers.

As a fourth grader, Isha realized she wanted to be a professional speaker after hearing the legendary Les Brown at the start of his speaking career. She was amazed by the power of the platform to motivate and inspire, and wanted to make others feel as unstoppable as she did that day.

She realized that dream and started booking unpaid speaking engagements in college. With two decades of speaking, strategic communications and media relations experience under her belt, Isha is committed to helping subject-matter experts, leaders and entrepreneurs build platforms and personal brands to increase their impact in the world.

Isha is the author and publisher of several books, including 5 Rules to Win Being You and On Purpose: Strategies for Living and Leading which includes Speakers Intensive alumni.  

Isha lives in Mesa, Arizona where she’s active in the entrepreneur-building ecosystem. She enjoys spending time with her adult son, Deon, and binging audiobooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
The program investment varies dependent upon whether you choose additional coaching/consulting following the program, or if you’re a previous collaborator in the Platform for Purpose Incubator. All options will be presented during your interview call with Isha Cogborn. 

How long does the training last each day? 
Sessions will begin around 9 a.m. and end around 6 p.m. You will have a leisurely lunch and breaks as needed throughout the day. You will be expected to be present for the full session each day.  Please be sure to schedule flights accordingly. 

Can you deliver this program to my company/organization?  
Absolutely! Contact Isha Cogborn for more information.